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Wolford Velvet 66 Leggings Review

I have the opportunity to look into some of Wolford’s new releases before the heat wave arrives. One of which is the Velvet 66 Leggings.

Since the first pair of shape & control tights introduced in 1977, Wolford has been researching, developing and reinventing the collection. Within the hosiery range, there are shape & control for tights and leggings in various denier appearance. The Velvet 66 Leg Support tights fit into the 60-90 denier range, which was previously absent.



Strong presence of shape & control good insulation
Highly durable
Appearance & texture

The Wolford Velvet 66 Leggings comes in semi opaque and matte appearance, 66 denier. It has a texture similar to that of Wolford Cotton Velvet tights but more “synthetic”. Also, the knitting appearance is similar to that of Cotton Velvet tights. The waistband is 6.5 cm wide and approximately 17cm from side to side (when lay on flat surface). The toe section has a similar texture to the hose but slightly more fluffy. The heel section, on the other hand, is made using a different knitting method and does not exert any shape and control effect. It is said that the legging went through a special coating technology and as a result, high durability.

The composition is 77% nylon and 23% elastane.

My Impression

As you might have expected, putting on a pair of shape & control leggings is not so straightforward. Allow yourself plenty of time, especially the first time. The texture feels similar to cotton velvet but more “synthetic”. It may be the high nylon composition, the special coating or the combination of both. It offers good insulation thanks to high denier. I do not need an extra layer when the temperature is around 10 ° C and when you practicing fit athletic yoga .

There is a strong presence of support, from the thigh, and especially around the knees. Although Wolford has categorised it as “Shape & Control MEDIUM”, I felt the support are on par with, if not, stronger than Miss W Leg Support Tights. This is possibly due to a higher denier. In addition, I didn’t experience “vertical contraction”, i.e., the tights do not pull down from the waist because of the shape & control feature. Coincide with the product description, the support does not extend to the tummy and buttocks. The leggings are very durable and they are less likely to snag, it is not apparent due to the opaque nature, In addition, I find the waistband to be slightly tight on my 29″ waist.


My verdict

The Velvet 66 Legging offers great support, provides good insulation and is very durable. I would consider it as a more advanced product than a simple Velvet 66 legging + shape & control feature. I am not a fan of opaque tights, but surely it is a good companion to have for the coming winter. Get this amazing leggin by availing loans from Moneyfall co uk.

Velvet 66 Leggings are available now for ₤ 26.55


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