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Little Black Dress

Every woman owns a little black dress

With all their versatile match ups, you must have at least one, but preferably two black skirts to maximize your wardrobe options. That plaid skirt you love so much only goes with a couple of shirts or sweaters. However, black skirts are a whole different story. Let’s look at some of your style choices.

It depends on what kind of figure you have. Black is a slimming color, used to emphasize your good figure points, while minimizing flaws.

If you have small hips and thin legs, long black skirts will give you a scrawny appearance and making your torso look much heavier in proportion to your hips and legs. If you’re all together skinny and want to have more shape, then skirts in the “pencil” style are for you. The pencil skirt gives the entire body a nice profile. If you have narrow hips and thin legs, then a black miniskirt gives your hips definition and a more rounded appearance.

However, if you’re like most women, and complain that your hips might be just a little too big, then a properly fitted black skirt could be your best choice. Ankle length skirts worn with a lightweight blouse may make you look shorter, but the effect is very slimming. (Just wear with heels!) Very full skirts are also very flattering. Black skirts with waistbands with a v-shaped bottom extending a few inches below the waistline tend to make your waist look smaller. Anything with flowing material will make the entire upper body look thiner by comparison.

Another common figure problem women have is that they have big hips and skinny legs. Ankle length skirts present a figure that looks better proportioned.

If you have thick calves, then black skirts that are a couple of inches past the knee, or “midi” length are flattering, making the entire leg appear thinner.

Black skirts invite myriad pairing possibilities with stockings and hosiery. Sheer stockings give a dressy look to black skirts and are available in many muted colors. Colored tights provide a pretty and cheerful accent and are good for a more casual outfit. Some of the designer hosiery come in lace, diamond patterns or woven in sparkly glitter threads or sequined effects. The black skirt never had it so good! Get this black skirt by availing loans from pickaloan.

Now that you’ve got some ideas on skirts to flatter your figure, it’s time to shop. Remember, two is good.pickaloan

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